William Arthur: Lockdown is a time to reflect

The simple things need be cherished

The simple things need be cherished - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Lockdown serves as more than a break from the rush of school, college or work. It serves as a time for us to reflect.

Before lockdown, I was in a state that I couldn't shake. I felt frequently anxious, confused, lacking clarity in the direction of my life.

Though these challenges are ever present in my life, I have learned to deal with them more effectively thanks to time at home.

One vital lesson I have learnt from time in isolation is the degree of responsibility I have over my life.

The lack of a schedule and the overabundance of time in each day has taught me that I am 100 per cent responsible for how I choose to spend each second.

No longer can I blame teachers for setting too much work, no longer can I sulk about the duration of commuting to and from college, no longer can I complain about frustrating people who drain me of my energy.

We have been given an opportunity to focus on that which truly serves us. Whatever we keep avoiding and procrastinating upon should be tackled head on in the limited time we have away from the office or classroom.

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We are often taught that working hard, long hours is what produces results but it can often lead to burn-out and depression. What I want to encourage is to learn how to first reflect on that which truly matters.

One aspect of the lockdown which has terrified me is not the virus or my degraded social life but how fast time has gone. We have been in lockdown now for over two months, yet it feels like that time has slipped through my grasp.

If we don't use time wisely it can easily slip away, before we had time to appreciate the things which we derive real meaning from. From spending ten more minutes with family, eating a dinner away from a computer screen or reading a book, I believe the simple things need be cherished.

Time in lockdown shouldn't be viewed as wasted. Why not try new things such as meditation, daily scheduling, exercise and daily phone calls with a loved one? Explore what you value most. Though the ideas above may seem abstract, by implementing small habits into our lives each day, we may find that moving towards our goals is more feasible than we thought in these uncertain times.