William Arthur: Life is a work in progress – and the timeline of life

William Arthur

William Arthur - Credit: Archant

For years I've puzzled 'What I should do with my life?' as if there is some defined life purpose or answer that will solve all of life's problems.

Often without realising it, I am searching for a silver bullet. One activity that can numb me of my pain, one more product to excite myself with, one person to solve me of all my problems and insecurities.

The unfortunate truth of life is that all things suck... eventually. We can never get rid of our insecurities, fears and anxieties – nothing will ever liberate us permanently from the more vulgar aspects of our minds.

Though somewhat depressing and bitter to the tongue, this message can free us in a surprising way. Accepting where we are failing, learning to live with our unique set of baggage, feeling free to express our more unappealing qualities, we can energise ourselves and dare to fail, dare to fall over and over!

Sometimes, it seems like I'm walking on eggshells, trying to say the perfect thing, to look as successful and important as I can to those I want to impress.

Mark Manson says how humans are wired to be dissatisfied in all we have and do, in that dissatisfaction gives us the incentive to continue moving forward.

There will never be a single, once-and-for-all moment of supreme happiness which alleviates us from all of our struggles.

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Thus, when we see the movie star, travel luxury lifestyle of the modern media, understanding that we don't have to mirror all that we see can help to take some of the pressure of us.

Life seems to be a never-ending stream of problems and uncomfortable experiences which make us question ourselves constantly.

Treating life as a continual work in progress has been pivotal in one crucial way: I can work on embodying my values and pursuing my dreams with the humility and patience required to turn small daily steps into something worthwhile.

Don't feel pressured to tick the boxes of life as if it is a game to be won. You write your story in your own way – never let yourself feel behind, as there is no such thing. Move, dance, sing, enjoy life as it comes and dare to live it your own way – one step at a time...