Why you should care about the music industry

Green and blue strobe lighting shines across a music festival crowd. Two hands formed in the shape of a heart are...

The music industry isn't always taken seriously, but could you imagine a life without it? - Credit: Getty Images

Discussing the welfare of musicians and the future of the music industry seems a little insignificant when the whole world is in crisis.

You wouldn’t be blamed if this topic isn’t your first thought, or if the music column isn’t the first page you look for when the Torbay Weekly lands through your letterbox.

Critics across the globe have been asking whether the arts are even that important anymore, a notion heightened by the uproar that the Government caused in 2020 by suggesting that people working the industry should retrain in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

True to the natural response of British discourse, the UK was divided in opinion with people either defending the arts or agreeing that we just don’t really need it.

When working in the music industry “When are you going to get a real job?” is an all too familiar phrase, rooted in the misjudgement that musicians and industry professionals don’t provide anything at all to society.

Despite the value of music that society holds, its contribution to the economy and the highly intricate skillset needed to make it in the music industry, its a career path which doesn’t always hold much respect.

When a worldwide pandemic happens, the image of a fur-coat wearing, Lamborghini flaunting musician, drinking champagne for Breakfast in their Knightsbridge penthouse isn’t exactly the vision which would evoke much sympathy. Why should the future of a musician like this take up important space in the anxiety over our post-pandemic world?

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This cliched image is only true for the tiniest segment of people trying to make a living out of the music industry and is disguising the reality for millions of struggling music professionals.

To many who aren’t in it, the music industry may seem insignificant. But can you really imagine a world without the arts?

Along with Covid-19, the industry now has Brexit and the threat of the imbalanced economic model of streaming platforms to contend with.

The extra layer of doubt to the survival of an entire industry simply isn’t needed.