Why can’t we go about our journeys with a smile?

Young woman sitting in a car

Why can’t we just be a tad nicer to each other? - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Ok, so I’m going to put it out there. What happened to manners and common decency?

Why do you say that, Becky? I hear you ask. Well, I’ll tell you. On my way to school and work this week I have experienced some pretty rude and ungrateful people, normally when driving.

Everyone is in such a rush, no-one seems to care about the other drivers on the road, there’s angry gestures and tooting everywhere.

I'm sure it's not helped by the end of financial year roadworks popping up all over the place but really people, we all have somewhere to go and places to be - can’t we just be a tad nicer about the journey there?

I know mornings are stressful, and the novelty of the school run, packed lunches, getting up and out the house has worn off – I am definitely over the packed lunch thing already... never happy, me!

But why can’t we just go about our journeys with a smile and a thank you when you let a car by?

This morning, I took particular notice and counted the 'thank you' waves, how many times I almost got driven into and the smiling happy faces.

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Let’s just say there was one mum driving, singing with a big happy smiley face and far too many of the other to mention. Although it was lovely to see all the children dressed in their Red Nose Day costumes.

Talking of which, last night I watched William, a bi-lateral amputee, complete a triathlon – amazing achievement for anyone.

Now I am not advocating we all get out and try to run marathons, cycle from John O’Groats to Land's End or swim the Channel but why don’t we this year - after being stuck in our homes and gardens - get our children involved in local club sports?

Get the little darlings playing football, rugby, cricket and any other team sport you can think of.

What better way to bring back the community spirit, get kids off their electronics and make new friendship groups.

I spent my winters at football matches running about getting dirty (watching, not playing – girls didn’t play back in the old days!) and summers running the cricket field making friends and enjoying the fresh air.

Now girls can play all these sports and are damn good at them, so come on parents, let’s get the kids out from under our feet, get them involved in our community and back into local sports clubs – remember most come with a bar, for the grown-ups...!