We would like to celebrate with you

Celebrate with a capital ‘C’

Celebrate with a capital ‘C’ - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

We would like to celebrate with you

The Torbay Weekly was launched on a platform of celebrating success, recognising Naturally Inspiring people doing inspiring things in our Naturally Inspiring Bay.

We have tried to follow that format week-to-week, with the community and our readers making the headlines and writing about them.

We hope you like and are enjoying what you have seen so far. We have had some great feedback so thank you for that.

But there is even more we can do, with your help of course.

We would to like celebrate with a capital ‘C’ all the good things happening out in the Bay. It could be a wedding, the arrival of a new babe, birthday, anniversary or passing an exam or driving test!

Simply send us the details, including pictures, to torbayweekly@archant.co.uk and/or nikki.belso@archant.co.uk and we will do the rest.

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Please let us help you celebrate.