Well done 'Page 3 girl' Laura (this week it's Page 2)

Picture of mum and son fund-raisers together

Laura and Ben Hall - Credit: Submitted

Torquay post office worker Laura Hall and her son Ben have raised £1,272.00 for charity after a terrific response from customers. 

Laura, who has worked at the Watcombe post office for 13 years, and 23-year-old Ben took part in the ‘Run 50 miles in February Challenge’ in aid of the Children’s Society. 

She said: “I would just like to thank all the local community. I think this shows how important local shops in the community are and how much we genuinely have a good relationship with our customers. It has really showed in their generosity.” 

She also said a big thanks to Ben who ‘keeps me going when I'm struggling and moaning up all the hills in Torquay’. 

Their fund-raising mission was featured on Page Three of the Torbay Weekly. 

“The customers found it very amusing that I'd finally made it to be a page 3 girl. That caused quite a few comments,” said Laura. 

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