Watch as flags of thanks to NHS are raised alongside Torcross wartime tank memorial

Flags flying to thank the NHS at Torcross

Flags flying to thank the NHS at Torcross - Credit: Archant

Grateful South Devon villagers are saying a flag waving thank you to all the NHS workers battling on the hospital front line, together with key workers who provide such vital services.

The two special thank you flags are being flown next to the Sherman tank at Torcross on Slapton Sands - itself a memorial to those who died training for a battle that changed the course of the Second World War 76 years ago.

As the flags were raised, a fanfare of trumpets and drums echoed across the village devised by theatre musical supervisor Mark Crossland and his daughter Ella and villagers joined in the lyrics from their homes.

For the villagers, it was a way of expressing their thanks to all NHS staff and key workers that all the residents can see and be part of - without having to visit.

One of the large flags thanks the NHS with the message 'Thank you NHS, stay home, save lives' and the other bears part of the red, white and blue Union flag sporting the message 'Thank you NHS and all key workers – supporting Kingsbridge Foodbank'.

The Torcross Community Fund, which supports village activities, funded the flag-flying message, and also donated to NHS Charities Together and the Kingsbridge Food Bank as part of the thank you.

And it is hoped the flags will encourage other people to donate to the charities as well.

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The villagers are spreading photos of the flags around among friends, relatives and across social media platforms.

But they are also asking people not to make journeys to Torcross to see them in person.

Said Torcross resident Holly Cooper, whose brother runs the company manufacturing the flags: 'Torcross residents hope everybody enjoys the photos of the flags but politely request that people do not travel to Torcross to see them.'

Holly added: 'My brother, who runs a small business called Banners For All, decided to print flags to thank the NHS and Key Workers, while at the same time supporting charities who are missing out on vital funding during this difficult time; a donation is attached to every flag.'

Martin Collins, chairman of the Torcross Community Fund, said: 'We are incredibly grateful to these remarkable people right across the country. We want you to know how incredible you are. You are an amazing army of brave, wonderful people. Thank you.'