Your Bay Needs You - to Keep Your Distance!

Picture of wartime-style poster

Wartime message - Credit: County Air Ambulance Trust

A charity hoping to bring a helipad to Torbay Hospital has also launched a World War Two-style campaign to help keep the heroes on the NHS front-line safe. 

The HELP Appeal is boosting the government’s ‘Stay Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives’ message by developing a series of wartime-inspired posters to help relieve the pressure on NHS staff and intensive care units. 

Churchillian messages to lift the wartime spirit are being adapted in the modern-day war against Covid. 

Posters include messages like Stay At Home And Save Lives; Your Country Needs YOU To Keep Your Distance;  Keep Calm And Wash Your Hands; Careless Talk Costs Lives;  Britain Expects That You Too; Never Was So Much Owed by So Many to So Few and even Rosie the Riveter with We Can Do It. 

Picture of wartime-style poster

Churchillian-style - Credit: County Air Ambulance Trust

Robert Bertram, Chief Executive of the HELP Appeal, which has funded NHS hospital helipads throughout the country involving over 16,500 life-saving landings, said: “We hope to channel the indomitable spirit of the British people during World War TwoI, the inspirational speeches of Winston Churchill and iconic wartime icons such as Rosie the Riveter, to help encourage people to wash their hands, cover their face and stay at home in the fight against coronavirus.

"Everyone needs to batten down the hatches for a bit longer to help protect the NHS and help save lives.” 

Picture of wartime style message poster

Wartime-style warning - Credit: County Air Ambulance Trust

HELP has also revealed its plans to fund a helipad at Torbay Hospital. 

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Mr Bertram said: “The County Air Ambulance Trust HELP Appeal is the only charity in the country that funds NHS hospital helipads. To date we have funded 33 across the country, including fully funding the £1 million helipad at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital and Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, where we donated £850,000 

“The existing helipad on grass at Torbay Hospital can become waterlogged, and currently has no lighting so can only accommodate air ambulances during daylight hours.  

“A new or upgraded, fit for purpose helipad would be of benefit so air ambulances can land or take off quickly any time. This could save many lives. 

“The HELP Appeal is keen to fund the new helipad and commissioned a Civil Aviation Authority International survey, which considered various options for a new helipad.

"This will hopefully be taken forward when the impact of Coronavirus has lifted.” 

He said the costs are still to be confirmed, but could be either be around £300,000 or £1 million depending on the final decision made on the location.