Walk of Fame artwork will see Brixham people’s names immortalised on breakwater panels

Neil Worrell and Vicky Pritchard-Davies

Neil Worrell and Vicky Pritchard-Davies - Credit: Archant

A new artwork is set to forever celebrate the people of Brixham with their names immortalised in cast iron plaques on the Victoria Breakwater.

Brixham's proposed Walk of Fame

Brixham's proposed Walk of Fame - Credit: Archant

Lighting Up Brixham launched Brixham's Walk of Fame - a series of cast iron panels on the Breakwater etched with individual names - to celebrate people with a connection to Brixham, past and present.

Neil Worrell and Vicky Pritchard-Davies are the founders of Lighting Up Brixham. They have already helped create seven dramatic seasonal lights last year including the Welcome to Brixham sign and Octavia, the six-metre high octopus.

They have more lights planned for 2020, including a pair of new 'rainbow' lights.

Their challenge was how to progress with their ventures in the middle of the coronavirus lockdown.

Register nnow for Brixham's Walk of Fame

Register nnow for Brixham's Walk of Fame - Credit: Archant

Vicky said: 'When the virus hit, we knew that local businesses would struggle to be as generous, so we tried to think of something that would let us move forward, not only with lights but also potentially as well other improvements.

'We came up with the idea of a Walk of Fame with individual names on it. People sponsor their names and they will be permanently cast in iron.

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'We're delighted with the response to the Walk of Fame after only one week. We still have a way to go but are now anticipating starting the first panels after Easter next year.'

Neil added: 'We are now more confident that we can fund more lights for the town this year.

Walk of Fame

Walk of Fame - Credit: Archant

'Due to coronavirus, instead of the 'Lantern Parade', it's now been suggested that we have a 'Month of Brixham Magic' perhaps with 'Advent lights' being turned on every day in December until Christmas.

'This will encourage many visitors back but spread safely over several weeks. Visitors will then be able to enjoy the Brixham buzz, the new lights, and perhaps even a Christmas cocktail and a great fish and chip supper.

'We're passionate about the town and so are thousands of others. This new project will enable people to show their love for Brixham in a physical and permanent way.

'With Brixham's Walk of Fame, people will be able to support their town practically - and have something positive to look forward to next year, as things slowly get back to normal.'

Vicky added: 'Everybody can have their name on the Breakwater. This is unique and we hope people will be excited to be involved.

'We believe it's nicer than a bench - and no varnishing involved!

'You can stand on 'The Walk' and reflect on the people whose names will be immortalised, and look across to beautiful Brixham and out over fabulous Torbay.'

All money raised by The Walk will be reinvested in permanent town improvements, say Vicky and Neil, and they are hopeful the venture will raise thousands of pounds. Lighting Up Brixham is a community interest company.

Registration to add invidividual names is now open, but, Vicky said: 'Due to the virus, people will not be asked to fund their names until the late autumn.'

It's anticipated the first stage panels will be laid in March next year and the artwork completed towards the end of 2021.

Neil said: 'The Breakwater is 177 years old. As Brixham welcomes over half a million visitors a year, your name will be seen by tens of thousands of people.

'People may want to register early as there is only so much space for the cast iron panels. Join us in celebrating and enhancing our amazing town... be on Brixham's Walk of Fame!'

Names start from £125. For more information and to register, log on to www.brixhamswalkoffame.com