Visiting pod proves a hit with residents and families

Mrs Nicola Payne visits her mother Megan Gasston at Harbour Rise Care Home's 'Visiting Pod'

Mrs Nicola Payne visits her mother Megan Gasston at Harbour Rise Care Home's 'Visiting Pod' - Credit: Archant

Families are able to safely visit residents at a Paignton care home - thanks to a new visiting pod.

The pod has proved to be essential in maintaining the wellbeing of residents.

It allows them to keep contact with their family is Harbour Rise Care Home.

Peter Roach has used the pod to see his mum Rosemary. He said: “Now the weather is on the change, and the temperature is dropping, Harbour Rise must be congratulated for setting up the visiting pod.

“To be able to still visit mum, be indoors and warm and still maintain safety to such a high standard is amazing.

“I feel that the distance between resident and visitor being more than the minimum two metres stipulated does not detract from the quality of each visit as conversation is still easy.

“I`m sure the pod will become more and more popular as we move on, so I will ensure I book my visits in good time.”

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The new visiting pod enables visits, by appointment, indoors in the warm while maintaining safety. The distance between resident and visitor is more than the minimum two metres stipulated and does not detract from the quality of each visit as conversation is easy, with the full Perspex screen giving much added protection and not detracting from the visit.

The arrival of the pod is the latest in a major refurbishment of Harbour Rise Care Home in Paignton, one of only three per cent of care homes in the country to be awarded ‘outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission.

The refurbishment started 18 months ago and has continued through the difficult Covid-19 pandemic.

Cecile Edwards, co-director of the care home, said: “We are always looking at what we can do to improve the wellbeing of our residents and staff. With this in mind, we created a plan to review all parts of our building.

“The considerable investment we have now made ensures that all our residents will be able to use the enhanced facilities improving their day-to-day lives here at Harbour Rise.

“The extensive improvements include a fabulous new dining room which is at least twice the size of what we had before, a new lift to the basement floor, a new medical room providing a private room for medical visits, a disabled toilet opposite the residents’ lounge and a complete renovation of the commercial kitchen.

“It is with immense relief and with grateful thanks to the contractors and also to our residents for their patience during this challenging time, to at last be able to use the many new parts of our building.”

The work has been given the thumbs-up by residents at Harbour Rise.

Mrs Eileen Whitehall said: “The dining room is wonderful.” Mrs Betty Trace added: “The dining room is very nice, it has been well done. It is nice to see the food displayed when you walk in.”

The use of a bain-marie keeps the food warm. The food is displayed and served via a new serving hatch. This stimulates the residents to eat and drink more which is vital for their wellbeing. The new dining room has improved the eating experience considerably.

On Friday, October 23, Harbour Rise had a 24 hours’-notice CQC inspection which assessed all aspects of infection control.

Cecile Edwards said: “The inspector was very pleased with what we do and how we do it. She was very impressed with our ‘Visiting Pods’ and has been singing our praises to other care homes.

“Visiting your loved ones safely is so vital for their mental health. The end of the Covid-19 may well be a long way off, but this is a great compromise for all of us. We are delighted that our visiting Pod has proved to be so popular.”