Viewing tip: declutter your home

Declutter and celebrate your space

Declutter and celebrate your space - Credit: Ridgewater

Whether you are a hoarder or a discarder, every home develops clutter over time, it is impossible to avoid. 
When it comes to a successful sale, however, clutter is the enemy. 
Win the fight by accepting that you are planning to move anyway, so why not take this opportunity to clear away some stuff, even ask a friend or relative to store it until you are ready for your new home. 
Viewers want to picture how a home will look when they live there and that is easier to accomplish if they can see the amazing space you have, but also leave some personal items hanging around, to make it look like home. 
Remove the bulky furniture where possible, but leave the stuff that suggests an amazing lifestyle – champagne glasses, a holiday brochure on the coffee table, posh perfume in the bathroom. 
Clear away the kitchen worktops, hide the kids’ toys, it all helps.