Torquay United players are still working hard during their enforced Coronavirus break, but some of them are doing a little bit extra to help friends and neighbours.

When they have finished a demanding ‘stayaway’ fitness schedule each day, goalkeeper Shaun MacDonald and his teammate Kyle Cameron are out and about in Torquay dropping provisions off to elderly or self-isolating customers of Wellswood’s Me & Mrs Jones - Food & Drink Deli.

The outlet has dubbed it as its ‘Deli-very’ service.

Several members of United’s squad use the shop on a regular basis, and MacDonald and Cameron have become friends of the family-run firm.

They both hail from Tyneside, but have opted to stay in Torquay rather than go home to their families.

“You’ve probably got more chance to give the virus to someone back home, or get it, if we went there,” said MacDonald, 23.

“It’s good to be doing something useful. Helping people who are struggling to get out and shop themselves is one way of doing it.

“When we drop bags off on the doorstep, we have to keep our distance of course, but you can still say ‘Hello’ that way.”

Of the current crisis, MacDonald added: “No one has experienced this before, and we are all in the same boat. You have to take things day by day. We are in a fortunate position because we are contracted. We are one of the few lucky ones.”