Torquay man returns to open gelateria on Cary Green

Ross Hester at Gelato Quay in Torquay

Ross Hester at Gelato Quay in Torquay - Credit: Archant

After spending two years living and working in Malta, Torbay-born entrepreneur Ross Hester has returned to his hometown to start a new artisan local business, Gelato Quay.

Gelato Quay offers a taste of Italy

Gelato Quay offers a taste of Italy - Credit: Archant

Situated on Cary Green overlooked by Agatha Christie's monument, Gelato Quay offers a taste of Italy to the thriving Torquay harbourside.

Ross said: 'I have countless happy memories growing up in Torbay, in particular school summer holidays by the seaside.

'I have been inspired by artisan craft of the amazing gelaterias in Malta and I decided the beautiful harbourside of my hometown was the perfect location to start my venture.

'All our gelato is handmade by an award-winning Italian chef, using the freshest ingredients.

Gelato on offer in Ross Hester's new shop

Gelato on offer in Ross Hester's new shop - Credit: Archant

'As the recipe contains more milk and less cream, it is actually a healthier alternative to ice cream, containing on average three to eight per cent fat compared to the 14-25 per cent fat content in ice cream.

'The intense flavour comes not only from the premium quality of the ingredients but the dedicated method of slow churning on low speeds which incorporates less air into the mix while freezing - making the gelato creamy, smooth and packed with flavour.

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'There is something for everybody at Gelato Quay from Ferrero Rocher to pink cotton candy with gluten free options also available.'

As with many local businesses making up Torquay's thriving hospitality industry, the current situation with Covid-19 came with many challenges.

The opening of Gelato Quay was delayed but is now open and strictly following Government guidelines, including extra cleaning procedures, contactless payment options and PPE for staff, whilse adhering to the latest social distancing guidelines with gentle reminders for customers.

Ross added: 'I'm absolutely thrilled that Torbay businesses are back up and running with the area open to visitors once again.

'I'm sure I speak on behalf of many other local business owners that share my enthusiasm and can't wait to crack on and turn around the summer season.

'Torbay is such a special place with a bright future ahead.'