Torbay Christmas Trail lights up the bay

Festive penguin lights outside of a house in Torbay

The Torbay Christmas Trail - Credit: David Gledhill

Residents across Torbay have been lighting up their homes and businesses with spectacular festive displays, spreading a little extra Christmas cheer this December as part of the Torbay Christmas Trail. 

Festive penguin lights outside of a house in Torbay

The Torbay Christmas Trail - Credit: David Gledhill

An interactive online map of all houses and businesses taking part in the trail has been created for people to visit throughout December. 

Organiser Patrick Cain has used his love for community and event organising to plan the trail, with support from the Torbay Community Development Trust. 

Cain said: “The Torbay Christmas Trail is an opportunity for everyone across Torbay to come together as a community to help spread Christmas cheer.

"This year more than ever I think we all need a bit of Christmas spirit. To be able to do this in a simple and safe way as a community is brilliant.

"I am autistic and have autistic children so understand how hard this year has been for families as well as individuals.” 

Residents and businesses are encouraged to decorate their windows, front gardens and driveways with their festive displays to help build community spirit this Christmas. 
To view the interactive map of the Christmas trail, follow this link or see below for a list of houses and business taking part in the Torbay Christmas Trail:

25 Raleigh Avenue, Chelston, Torquay 

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65 Exeter Road, Kingsteignton 

22 Woburn Close, Paignton 

37 Luxton Road, Ogwell, Newton Abbot 

73 Highland Road 

158 Clifton Road, Paignton 

65 Exeter Road, Kingsteignton 

14 Barn Park, Stoke Gabriel 

Torre Abbey, Torquay 

Orleigh Avenue, Newton Abbot 

34 Green Park Road, Paignton 

207 Sherwell Valley Road, Torquay 

17 Sky Close, Torquay 

14 Jellicoe Road, Newton Abbot 

100 Colley End Road 

48 Larksmead Way, Ogwell, Newton Abbot 

26, Lydwell Park Road, Torquay 

6 Roberts Way, Newton Abbot 

5 Borough Park Road, Paignton 

Wilkins Drive, Paignton 

Captains Road, Kingsteignton 

63 Frobisher Green, Chleston, Torquay 

10 Babbacombe Road, Torquay 

Furrough Cross United Reformed Church, Babbacombe Road 

69 Spencer Road, Paignton 

94 Green Park Road, Paignton 

55/57 Corfe Crescent, Hele Road, Torquay 

Penhurst, Long Road 

Wilkins Drive, Paignton 

17 Higher Polsham Road, Paignton 

11 Burridge Avenue, Torquay 

24 Fishcare Close, Paignton 

15 Pencarrow Road, Paignton 

3 Otter Close, Shiphay, Torquay 

46 Maple Road, Brixham 

224 Lichfield Avenue, Torquay 

1 Goodstone Way, Paignton 

240 Union Street, Torre, Torquay 

173 Union Street, Torre, Torquay 

6, The Reeves Road 

26-28 Barradon Close, Torquay 

Higher Rydons, Brixham 

7 Cecil Road, Paignton 

115 Sherwell Valley Road 

24 Ramshill Road, Paignton 

100 Burridge Road, Torquay 

The Kings Drive, Torquay 

78 Dolpin Court Road 

52 Primley Park, Paignton 

33 Maidenway Road, Paignton 

3 Manor Road, Preston 

127 Torquay Road, Paignton 

50 Freshwater Drive 

74 Padacre Road 

`Kendall, Meadfoot Sea Road 

38 Mendip Road, Torquay 

66 Shorton Valley Road 

18 Lacy Road, Paignton 

11 Alfriston Road, Paignton 

16 Wills Avenue, Paignton 

8 Sovereign Mews, Teignmouth Road, Torquay 

4 Parkfield Road 

127D Foxhole Road, Paignton 

26 St Marychurch Road, Torquay 

10 Ryde Close, Torquay 

107 Marldon Road, Shiphay, Torquay 

95 Dolphin Crescent, Paignton 

34 Raleigh Close, Torquay 

61 Telissick Road, Paignton 

Wilkins Drive, Paignton 

1 Alexandra Lodge, Grafton Road, Torquay 

67 Rea Barn Road, Brixham 

Little Acre, Upton Manor Road, Brixham 

24 Walnut Road, Chelston, Torquay 

132 Oakland Road, Newton Abbot 

66 Shorton Valley Road, Preston 

4 Cary Park Rad, Torquay 

Green Park Road 

23 Curlew Close, Torquay 

22 Lower Ellacombe Church Road, Torquay 

33 Higher Polsham Road, Paignton 

30 Burn River Rise, Torquay 

5 Orchard Close, Brixham 

4 Orchard Close, Brixham 

80 Pendennis Road, Hele, Torquay 

3a Collaton Road 

127 Torquay Road, Paignton 

126 Foxhole Road, Paignton 

287 Babbacombe Road, Torquay 

22 Climsland Road 

31 Tor Hill Road, Torquay 

Paignton Library & Information Cenre, Great Western Road, Paignton 

39 Collaton Road, Shiphay, Torquay 

36 Fowey AvenuE, Torquay 

26 Ramshill Road, Paignton 

Cockington Court, Cockington 

210 Newton Road, Torquay 

116 Roselands Drive, Paignton 

52 Primley Park, Paignton 

8 Parkfield Close, Marldon 

26 Hollywater Close, Wellswood 

57 Stanley Gardens, Paignton 

152 Sherwell Valley Road 

12 Avon Road, Torquay 

14 Hatfield Road 

The Tudors, 10 Meadfoot Road 

Lanscombe Lodge Cottage, Cockington Village 

67 Heron Way, The Willows 

1 Holly’s Highbury Road, Ellacombe, Torquay 

21 Lower Ellacombe Church Road 

51a Sherwell Valley Road, Torquay 

85 Shorton Valley Road 

32 Fernicombe Close, Paignton 

80 Pendennis Road, Hele, Torquay 

19 Kingfisher Close, Torquay 

22 Church Lane, Torquay 

86 Salisbury Ave, Barton, Torquay 

Myrtle Cottage, Compton, Paignton 

Winner Street, Paignton 

15 Ash Hill Road, Torquay 

3 Leighon Road, Paignton 

52 Dower Road, West Hill, Torquay 

3 Great Parks Road, Paignton 

Old Torquay Road, Preston 

60 Abbey Road, Torquay 

5 Grenville Avenue, Chelston, Torquay 

6 Redavon Rise, Torquay 

27 St Peters Close, Torquay 

48 Nelson Road, Brixham 

Price First Taxi’s, 145 Redenhill Road, Torquay 

13 Peasland Road, Torquay 

7 Torquay Road, Paignton 

Coffee, Cake & Curiosities Café, 188 Union Street, Torquay 

7 Collaton Road, Torquay 

14 Warberry Vale 

5 Severn Road, Shiphay 

13/14 Stanmore Tor, Paignton 

Echo Building, St. James Road, Upton 

37-39 Torquay Road, Paignton 

Cockington Court, Centre of Creativity Torquay 

214 Torquay Road, Paignton 

1-3 Winner Street 

6 Ferndale Road, Torquay 

3 David Avenue, Chelston, Torquay 

107 Marldon Road, Shiphay, Torquay 

2 George Road, Paignton, Devon 

100 Colley End Road, Paignton 

6 Roberts Way, Newton Abbot 

152a Torquay Road, Paignton 

15 Alfriston Road, Paignton 

Palace Theatre, Palace Avenue, Paignton 

6 Montesson Road, Paignton 

34 Fernicombe Close, Paignton 

127d Foxhole Road, Paignton 

207 Sherwell Valley Road, Torquay 

95 Dolphin Crescent, Paignton 

27 Princes Road, Torquay 

Moorlands House, Churscombe Road, Marldon 

15 Redburn Road, Paignton 

28 Petrel Close, Torquay 

12 Avon Road, Torquay 

25 Grenville Avenue 

115 Primley Park, Paignton 

33 Higher Polsham Road, Paignton 

1 Waddeton Drive, Paignton 

57 Stanley Gardens, Paignton 

Orchid Way, 16 Willowfield Road 

257 Lichfield Avenue 

Flat 2, 16 Fisher Street 

49 Marldon Road, Shiphay Torquay 

Platters Café 221 Union Street, Torquay 

55 Raleigh Ave, Chleston Torquay 

Flat 3 Jomay House, Lower Woodfield Road 

4 Orchard Close, Brixham 

57 Kingsway Avenue, Paignton 

218 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Paignton