A Paignton man now living in Hong Kong has told of how his digital copy of the Torbay Weekly keeps him up to date with news from his hometown.

Paul Bentham grew up in Paignton and attended Torquay Boys’ Grammar School before leaving as an 18 year old.

He is now vice principal of Island School in Hong Kong.

While it has been a fabulous adventure for Paul and his young family, the lure of a return home is becoming hard to resist.

“My parents and sister still live in Torbay but I left at the age of 18, thinking I would never live at home again,” said Paul.

“However, each summer, particularly when you have kids, the memories return of how much there is to do in Torbay.

“We visit friends and family across the UK with our summer trips home but nowhere has the range of options for things to do as South Devon. The beaches, Paignton Zoo, Dartmoor, the great scenery, all those things you perhaps only really appreciate as you get older.

“We initially came to Hong Kong on a two-year contract but it is now almost a decade we have been here. It is a stunning place to live, fabulous beaches, mountains on our doorstep and a thriving city centre.

“Now we have two young children, life has changed a little and it has not been straightforward recently with the Hong Kong riots and the impact of Covid. It has led to the conclusion that we would like to live back in Torbay, if I can find some work.

“The Torbay Weekly has been a massive boost for us.

“In the past, I would trawl through old papers to catch up on the local news but now I get my weekly fix, and so interesting to see how the Bay is coping with Covid.

“It is also great to read about the local football and cricket news, see the names of old friends pop up in the stories and also heart-warming to hear how the community has supported each other through this strange year.”