Torbay Weekly delivery teenager Robert Twelves calmly came to the rescue when war veteran John, 96, fell at his Paignton home

Torbay Weekly delivery teenager Robert Twelves came to the rescue when 96 year-old war hero John Henderson took a nasty fall at his home in Paignton.

Robert, 16, was midway through his paper round on a Thursday afternoon when John’s wife for over 70 years, Phyllis, called for help.

There was no hesitation from Robert, who is in Year 11 at Paignton Academy, swiftly helping John inside and his mature response averted a potential disaster.

“John sits out in the garden to enjoy his crosswords,” said Phyllis. “He slipped over and I just couldn’t move him. The only thing I could have done was to use an alarm to get help from Ashburton.

“Fortunately, young Robert was delivering papers at the time and he came to help with no hesitation. He got John inside the house and just left with no fuss. You hear talk about young people nowadays but Robert was magnificent, and we are very grateful.”

Robert said: “I was just doing my paper round and happened to be passing when Phyllis came outside. Luckily, I was able to help and then carried on with my paper round.”

The calm, unassuming response from Robert was very special for John, who served his country with distinction during the War and later moved down to Torbay with Phyllis to run a guest house.

“I was invited to attend the Cenotaph ceremony in London by the Royal British Legion, as I was part of the D-Day landings,” said John.

“I was in the army for five years, the duration of the war, and then left to work as a travel agent. I later became a college lecturer in travel and tourism.

“We came down to Torbay from Edinburgh to celebrate our honeymoon in 1949. It was around 30 years ago that we decided to take over a guest house called the Clydesdale near Victoria Park.”

Well done to Robert for his amazing response to a crisis and it is brilliant to see John back on his feet, ready to finish that crossword.