Videos shine spotlight on Torbay's unique and historic Geopark

Picture of Iain Stewart

Professor Iain Stewart - Credit: Submitted

The English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark has launched a series of video-interviews with world leading scientists and experts to unravel the facts behind Torbay’s UNESCO designation. 

Over seven episodes Professor Iain Stewart engages with fascinating people, each with a different insight into why this coastal area of England is so unique. 

Viewers find out what the local rocks reveal about Earth’s history and climate change, evidence of early human cultures, and how the landscape and communities of Torbay have influenced writers and artists. 

The launch coincided with UNESCO’s World Science Day for Peace and Development, which aimed to highlight the important role of science in society and daily lives. 

Episodes are ‘Fossils and Deep Time’, Caves, Early Humans, Today’s Inspiration, Sea Level and Climate Change, Writers of the English Riviera and Marine Life of the Bay. 

BBC TV’s favourite geologist and series host Professor Stewart, patron of the Geopark since 2007 said: “These films are a wonderful way for people to reconnect with the amazing natural environment that surrounds us down on the English Riviera coast - an environment that infuses our daily lives and enriches our economic, social and cultural well-being. They are full of brilliant stories - past, present and future - that speak to the vital modern importance of Torbay's ancient geological heritage.” 

Each episode can be watched as they are released on the Geopark’s YouTube channel. 

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Alternatively, you can listen to podcast versions and get inspired just as Professor Chris Stringer of The Natural History Museum London, and one of the leading experts in human evolution did. Chris said; “I first visited Kent's Cavern as a five-year-old, with my parents, and it helped to spark my life-long interest in prehistory” 

Kents Cavern’s Nick Powe, chair of the English Riviera Geopark said: “On behalf of the Geopark Management Group, I want to thank the people who gave up their time freely to participate in the making of ‘Geopark in Focus’, to Prof Stewart in particular, and to the organisations whose support made this project possible, notably Torbay Council, University of Plymouth, the English Riviera BID Company and Torbay Culture.”