Musicians come together for lockdown album

Musician and producer Kali Vibz

Musician and producer Kali Vibz - Credit: Archant

Musician and producer Kali Vibz spent his lockdown bringing together a unique Torbay perspective on the new world we live in, providing a creative platform for local talent.

The Island in the Sun album

The Island in the Sun album - Credit: Archant

Live music suffered from the impact of Covid-19 but those it made producers more determined than ever to share their music.

'At the start of the lockdown, I wanted to bring people together through music, so I decided to put together a local collaborative album for free,' said Kali.

'I produced and recorded it for free, alongside Ocean Recording Studios in Paignton.

'The idea was to boost local talent and morale in these difficult times.

'We ended up with 21 artists, some of the best talent in Torbay and ages ranging from 14 to 50 years old. It was a chance to showcase the talent Torbay has to offer.

'The theme was 'islands in the sun', and I just wanted them to create music with a summer vibe. I helped them with ideas and beats, and when the restrictions relaxed, we were able to get in the recording studio.

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'The album is called Island in the Sun by Kali Vibz and Friends, and all available for free on YouTube.'

Kali Vibz, a graduate from the music academy at South Devon College, provided a collaboration that has given musicians hope and inspiration.

Contributing artist Sophia Hennequin said: 'Music was always so important to me growing up. Suffering with a lot of health issues and being confined to the house, there was always hope because there was always music.

'I felt so blessed to be talking to people who shared the same interests as me who also encouraged me with my singing.'

'Recording the Island in the Sun was a lot of fun and gave me an opportunity to record in a studio for the first time and showcase my songwriting,' added contributing artist Allanah.