Musician writes song tribute to NHS nurses

Musician Craig Osment

Musician Craig Osment - Credit: Archant

At the height of lockdown, Torbay musician Craig Osment developed his flair for song writing by composing a song dedicated to the healthcare workers directly fighting Covid-19.

After watching an emotional documentary on the crisis, Craig wrote a song heralding the courage of our NHS.

“Being at home a lot more and unable to perform at gigs with my local band, The Weekend, I’ve focused on song writing in a makeshift studio in my shed,” said Craig.

“I remember watching a documentary about nurses working on a Covid ward and there was something about their calm resolve and the camaraderie in the face of vey difficult circumstances that inspired me to write a song about the whole situation.

“I put it on Spotify and Amazon, and it has done quite well, picking up around 23,000 listens. Any money I make will be donated to a charity called the Cavell Nurses’ Trust, which looks after healthcare staff who have fallen on hard times, perhaps financially or with their mental health.

“The song is called ‘Not Broken’ and I am in the process of diverting any money I make to the cause, as well as adding a donate button to my Spotify page - search Craig Osment, on all streaming services.

“People can either download the song for 99p and I’ll donate that to charity or donate directly through the Spotify donate button. Streaming the song on Amazon and Spotify will generate royalties that will also go to the charity.”

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Sharing on social media should also draw in more listeners.

The musical instincts have been with Craig for life and, like all of us with a passion for live music, he is looking forward to the day when local performers can return to venues across Torbay.

“I have spent the last seven or eight years gigging in Torbay, especially around the St Marychurch area,” said Craig. “Music has always been a part of my life and I’ve been in bands since the age of 18. I worked as a musician in London in the 1990s, on the club circuit, and the last recording project I was involved in before coming down to Torquay was with the Stereophonics producer and Ronnie Wood’s ex drummer. At the moment, song writing is my main outlet for music and a kind of therapy!’