Mums appeal for support to help others across Torbay

Mary Allwood from Helping Hands

Mary Allwood from Helping Hands - Credit: Archant

A crowdfunding appeal has been launched to help a small group of mums who are offering support during the coronovirus lockdown.

So far, the organisers of Helping Hands, who operate in Brixham and across Torbay, have been dipping into their own pockets to help boost supplies. They have been delivering supplies, food parcels and essentials such as cleaning products and toilet rolls to those in need.

Already more than 100 people have been helped over the last few weeks.

Now the trio of friends Jade Stuart, Mary Allwood and Abie Shirt, have set up a Go Fund Me page.

Having only recently launched, the group, which was launched by Mary, has been unable to register as a charity.

Mary said: 'Just a few days ago we had a lady with three children who didn't have any money and because the food bank was so low, I spent £50 of my own money on food for her.'

Jade explained: 'We are turning to the community to help keep this going as we have no other financial support apart from ourselves.

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'We have helped so many families and vulnerable people already, we've even had social services come to us for food parcels for families in need.'

Mary also paid £500 out of her own pocket to buy cat and dog food to make sure people can feed their pets.

Jade said they had noticed over the last week some people are struggling to physically get out to donate items so by donating to the group, they can continue to help without having to leave the house.

She said: 'Food banks are only open certain times in the day on certain days. And that's when we come in and help when they can't get to these food banks and have no one else to help.

'We really don't want anyone struggling or going without, and we really want to continue withe help that has provided many families over the last few weeks with food and supplies they desperately need.

'And we will continue to do so in the coming future.

'We are trying to make a difference and support our community in difficult times.

'We genuinely just want to help.'

To donate go to and search for Helping Hands Brixham Torbay and surrounding area.