Feline Network: Could you foster rescued cats or kittens?

Feline Network is developing a foster-to-adopt scheme alongside Hectors House Rescue

Feline Network is developing a foster-to-adopt scheme alongside Hectors House Rescue - Credit: Archant

Debbie Johnson, from Feline Network cat rescue, writes for the Torbay Weekly

As with many rescues, Feline Network predominantly use foster homes for their rescued cats and kittens. It's basically a temporary home where they live while being assessed and receiving vet treatment.

While the network does have some cattery pens, we believe cats do much better in a home environment.

It is easier to assess them, to see how they are with other pets, children and loud noises.

They also receive vaccinations and are neutered and microchipped. This is usually undertaken by the fosterer at one of the local vets we are registered with.

All costs are covered by the charity but we do ask, if possible, for them to provide food and litter.

Cats come into care for many reasons - stray, unwanted, abandoned, or the owner for whatever reason can no longer care for them. From tiny kittens to golden oldies.

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Can anyone foster? Yes, whether a family, older couple, single person, no garden – as we always undertake a home visit, we can advise on how we work and if your home is suitable.

If you are in rented accommodation you would also need your landlord's permission.

We always have strays awaiting spaces. These poor cats were never neutered, wandered off too far from home and got lost. They have to scavenge for food and often are targets for people who do not want them spraying around their garden. They fight for the females and end up injured, and in many cases contracting FIV - more on FIV in future editions.

Once neutered and in a safe home, these cats generally tend to turn into the most loving of pets.

We are developing a foster-to-adopt scheme alongside Hectors House Rescue, and are keen for people to join us as fosterers.

If you would like to know more about fostering, email fnadoptioninquiries@aol.com

We also always need donations of food and litter. General inquiries to 01803 392550.