Torbay estate agent advises: ‘Take stock and get your property sale ready’ for when lockdown is over

Neil Tozer, director at Ridgewater Sales and Lettings.

Neil Tozer, director at Ridgewater Sales and Lettings. - Credit: Archant

No doubt any of you who are looking to move will be concerned as all house sales are effectively on hold for the near future, writes NEIL TOZER, director at Ridgewater Sales and Lettings.

In the industry we are expecting a massive upsurge in property movement as soon as circumstances change, and we return to a sense of normality.

It is predicted that the market will be flooded with houses that are newly for sale, or ones that have been relisted as summer will become the new spring.

In some ways nothing has changed, as people still will want to upsize, downsize and move location - particularly with people having to spend more time at home they will revaluate whether it is the right place for them.

It does feel like everything has come to a standstill. However, it is the ideal opportunity to take stock and to get your property sale ready.

I was out for my daily prescribed exercise and I could see that many of my neighbours were out enjoying the sunshine as well as working through the massive to-do lists their partners had given them!

If you are thinking about selling later in the year, then it's a great opportunity to get your home looking presentable and ready to put on the market for when the lockdown has ended.

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Firstly, stay safe. It is important not to do anything outside your skill level or something which could lead to injury, as we can't afford to put the NHS under any more pressure.

An easy improvement is to clean and de-clutter.

This basically means removing any unnecessary items, so the property looks fresh and tidy.

It gives a better first impression and viewers can start seeing the space to its best advantage.

Have a look at the front and back of your home and see how it can be improved. It might be as simple as weeding the garden, cutting the lawn, cleaning the decking or painting the front door.

Make the most of the time you have on your hands to get all those jobs done that you have been meaning to do, add value to your property and keep yourself occupied at the same time!

If you want any advice on the anything to do with property or getting your house ready for sale, then do not hesitate to contact us.