Torquay couple celebrate 65 years wed - with a roast dinner

Torbay couple Anne and Tony Moore - 65 years wed

Torbay couple Anne and Tony Moore - 65 years wed - Credit: Archant

Torquay couple Tony and Anne Moore are celebrating 65 years wed - with a roast dinner

'Glamorous' Torquay couple Anne and Tony Moore are celebrating 65 years of marriage.

Despite lockdown, they are to mark the occasion with a long-awaited get together with family and a roast dinner.

Anne, 87, has been shielding for health reasons but after the initial lockdown rules were eased, daughter Debbie Blatchford has been visiting her parents from the garden of their October Grove home.

Anne and Tony, 90, met at school in Ashford, Kent, and married there on July 30 1955.

They moved to Torquay in the late 1950s for Tony's sales rep job covering the south west.

Anne worked all her life, only retiring five years ago.

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She was well known for her work in retail, promoting perfumes and make up in big department stores in Torquay, Plymouth and Exeter.

Until the last few years, she had continued to work on make up counters at Boots in Exeter.

Anne, who worked for some of the biggest names in the beauty industry, said: 'It's incredible isn't it, 65 years.

'We are very, very lucky to have each other.

'We met when we were quite young and Tony asked me to dance.

'We are also lucky to be keeping healthy, Tony has always been fit and I never sit still.'

She said they had been lucky during lockdown, well looked after by their daughters and grandchildre

Daughter Debbie said: 'Mum's always been very glamorous, they are a glamorous couple really.

'She worked for all the big stores.'

Keen sportsman Tony played squash at Torquay Squash Club every Saturday until a few years ago, only giving up when his partner, who was in his 60s, was advised to stop playing.

In his youth, he enjoyed playing rugby. However, a bad break to his leg before he got married ended his playing career.

He was in plaster for a year but has continued to follow the sport watching on TV.

Anne is equally fit and active and has had a number of hobbies from dancing to keep fit.

The couple have two daughters, Debbie and her younger sister Jo Woodliffe and six grandchildren.

Debbie said: 'After the restrictions were lifted a bit I have been able to see them from their garden.

'They had a big party for their diamond wedding anniversary but obviously that can't happen now.

'This time we'll be getting together in my garden with most of the family and celebrating safely with a roast dinner.'