Torquay couple celebrate diamond wedding anniversay

Roy and Maureen Priest on their wedding day

Roy and Maureen Priest on their wedding day - Credit: Archant

Torquay couple celebrate diamond wedding anniversay

Torquay couple Roy and Maureen Priest are celebrating 60 years of marriage.

Originally from Birmingham, they met and got together while at school aged 14 and had been together ever since.

Roy worked in a brick factory and Maureen was a book binder before their marriage on October 8 1960 at St John’s Church in Halesowen, then a small village.

The couple, who are now both aged 80, went on to have a son and two daughters and have five grandchildren.

Coincidentally all three of their children were born on the 12th of the month.

Roy went on to work for Rover in Birmingham before they took the plunge and bought a hotel in Torquay.

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They ran the former Avon House Hotel in St Marychurch.

Over the next few years, all their children moved to Torquay so the family were all together.

Daughter Maxine said: “It was really hard work for them running the hotel but they loved it.

“Mum also had a small business making wedding cakes so they were always very busy.

“They retired 25 years ago and bought a caravan which they absolutely loved, it was their haven.

“They spent all summer in Sidmouth and we would bring the children to spend time with them there.

“Mum was born in February and Dad in March so Mum always called him her toy boy.”

Roy was actually born at midnight on March 11 but his birth certificate registered him as born on March 12, the same day of the month as all three of their children.

Maxine said: “We had hoped to have a nice party but due to the virus we are not able to celebrate as we would have liked.

“They will be getting a letter from the Queen and we will be able to see them on the day.

“Sadly my mum has Alzheimer’s and although has a small amount of memory still, we are making a special memory book for her as she will soon be going into a care home.”