Torbay brokers ‘bowled over’

Somerset County Cricket Club’s Jack Brooks

Somerset County Cricket Club’s Jack Brooks - Credit: Submitted

Since early summer, Skipton Building Society has provided weekly ‘bitesize webinars’ for Torbay’s financial adviser businesses covering a variety of topics to support brokers and their clients.

Their recent webinar was something a little bit different, with Somerset County Cricket Club’s Jack Brooks joining the session to talk about his career to date and how some of the personal skills needed to succeed in sport can be used in business and life.

In an engaging 30-minute session, Jack explained how resilience, being brave and setting lots of little goals can help to achieve success and fulfilment.

Jack didn’t turn professional until he was 24, leaving a sales job to join Northamptonshire before moving to Yorkshire and now Somerset.

In his first-class cricket career he’s taken almost 500 wickets, won the county championship twice, been Yorkshire’s top wicket taker for four years and played for England Lions.

He explained how joining the professional ranks later than most of his teammates provided a great perspective on things.

He said: “As a bowler you’re going to fail more times than you succeed. But having the drive, determination and being able to keep following the right processes – even if that doesn’t bring immediate results – can lead to ultimate success.” 

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Skipton Intermediaries Torbay-based business development manager, Jon Rawley, hosted the event.

Jon said: “There’s so many things that go into making a successful team, whether in sport or business. Jack gave us a superb insight into the mindset, planning and leadership skills needed.

“From being able to handle pressure, setting meaningful goals and learning from mistakes, there’s a huge crossover into our personal and business lives.

"I’m really grateful to Jack for sharing his story. We’ve had some superb feedback from those who attended our webinar and we’ll continue to support the businesses we work with via these virtual meetings.”

During a Q&A part of the event, Jack explained how determination and not giving up can be so important.

When asked what advice he’d give to an aspiring young cricketer, he said: “At 20, I was still playing village cricket. Some people didn’t really believe in me and I wanted to prove them wrong. Despite moving from sales into cricket at a later age, I’ve had a good professional career.

"My top tip is to enjoy what you’re doing, give it your all and you never know where it might take you.”