The sound of a choir in full song may soon be returning to Torbay.

After months of practising through virtual platforms, the Big Noise Chorus is hoping to get back together in a staged return to music, starting with groups of six in accordance with the current Government guidelines.

There are two Torbay-based groups within the Chorus and further groups in Ashburton and Exeter.

The brainchild of founder Colin Rea, an experienced musician and vocal coach, who has led choirs in performances worldwide, the Big Noise Chorus is all about making the pleasure of singing in a choir accessible to everyone.

“Through lockdown, rehearsals have all been conducted through Zoom but the plan is for us to return to singing in small groups,” said Andrew Candy, business manager and singer with the Big Noise Chorus.

“We celebrated the tenth anniversary last year and, for the first time, all five of the choir groups came together for a concert at Exeter Cathedral, which comprised over 500 performers. All our concerts are for charity and we have raised over £100,000 over the past decade.

“Colin Rea has put together the music for us to perform and practise at home through lockdown. There is a fantastic social element to the choir as well and Colin has been particularly keen to provide an outlet for those in the group who have been isolated during the crisis.

“The return to group singing will give us an opportunity to rehearse properly, sing in harmony and, hopefully, if the rules allow, perform a couple of concerts around Christmas.

“It has always been a dream of the Chorus to perform at the Royal Albert Hall in a few years’ time, which is not something you can just pay for, it is about establishing a proven track record of staging successful concerts and showing that you can sell tickets.

“Until then, our immediate focus to enjoy singing together again.”

The Big Noise Chorus is open to everyone, regardless of experience, and they perform a variety of musical styles. For more information, log on to