Former City boss Paul next to join Skipton's webinar line-up

Former Exeter City boss Paul Tisdale

Paul Tisdale - Credit: Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Keeping up to date with industry regulations, rapidly changing lending criteria and supporting a local housing market is at the core of Skipton Building Society For Intermediaries regular weekly bitesize webinars for Torbay’s financial intermediaries.

Recent webinars have also included an insightful talk from Jack Brooks, championship winning bowler at Somerset County Cricket Club and Tom Murphy, life coach and business mentor. Both guests provided some superb insight into how having the right mindset, processes and belief can help you to succeed in business. 

Next month, former Exeter City boss Paul Tisdale will be joining Skipton’s webinar series to talk about how the strategies and techniques developed from his experiences as a football manager can be used in a business environment 

These webinars are delivered by Skipton’s local business development manager Jon Rawley, who said: “I’m really looking forward to hearing from Paul Tisdale about his style of management and his philosophy and strategies for any business setting.”