Time to feel proud

The Purple Angel memory cafe will reopen on July 10

The Purple Angel memory cafe will reopen on July 10 - Credit: Submitted

Well, I don’t know about you but I  felt quite patriotic when I listened to the Prime Minister a few days ago as he outlined the roadmap out of the pandemic.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and once again I was proud to be British.

Why? Because once again we have done what we always do in times of trouble, we have come together, stood side by side and everybody involved in this has worked so hard to get us all on the right side of the awful statistics we have seen recently.

We all should be so immensely proud and should hopefully be getting so excited about getting our lives back while never forgetting those who have lost theirs during this time.

Here at the Purple Angel dementia campaign, we are so pleased as this will mean, fingers crossed, the reopening of our wonderful memory cafe where so many people come together on a Saturday afternoon to meet old friends, do some wonderful activities and sometimes be entertained by local artists.

Yes, we do so much work across the country and, indeed the world, but our heart is, and will always be, in Torquay/Torbay to make sure we give the locals the best possible time when they visit us.

The reason we opened on a Saturday afternoon is because nobody else did!

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For some reason some think dementia only happens 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday - I wish - but as we have always said, what happens at weekend when there is nothing open?

What do the people living with dementia and their wonderful incredible carers do?

As any carer will tell you, a few hours being entertained and being in a secure non-judgemental place where you can chat with others and relax is as good as having a day off. We have been told this so many times.

And the cost of all this is? Absolutely nothing.

We will even provide tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits, all thrown in with lots of games and laughs.

The reason for this is simple, we live in hard times, and especially now, and I would never ever like to think someone could not come because they didn’t have enough money.

They will never need any money as long as the Purple Angel can afford to provide this service for free.

As always, there is a donation pot as you walk in if you choose to donate, but you don’t have to. We just want the locals to come, put their feet up and have a great time.

We also don’t have any rules of who can and can’t come apart from if you bring someone with dementia you must stay with them, as we always say; we are not a crèche for the elderly.

But if you just want to come and see what we do or want to know anything about this awful disease, you will be welcomed with open arms and we have an array of information to help.

So, as they say 'drum roll please', our opening day will be hopefully July 10 between 1.30pm and 3.30pm at Barton Baptist Church, where we will all be entertained by the local star of Torbay, singer Peter Dell, a huge favourite of the memory cafe.

Incredibly the week after, on July 17, is our seventh World Rocks Against Dementia (WRAD) event - so much to look forward to and we hope to see you all there!