Thomas, 9, running mile a day for month to raise cash for Torquay Rugby Club

Thomas is running his daily mile around the Acorn Centre field in Torquay

Thomas is running his daily mile around the Acorn Centre field in Torquay - Credit: eyJpdiI6IkRiOTlHSXNjQzBlN1BGXC9ycFwvXC9ZOWc9PSIsInZhbHVlIjoicnF5WHlXeDUwN2FaajJNTnBLRE50RGw3VktZMUFBZzBxcm5tYVwvOUw5NmFjYUhGMVdKWFwvNklRaGswZHE4YlArIiwibWFjIjoiOTIwNzYxZTY5Mzk5MzU4OGFhZGQ4Njk3ODQyZTNiM2FkYzVmNjdkZjEzZWFhM2U3ZTgwN2Y0ZjcwOTlkOGE1NyJ9

A nine-year-old rugby fan has been running a mile a day to raise money for his club.

Torquay Rugby Club fundraiser Thomas, aged nine

Torquay Rugby Club fundraiser Thomas, aged nine - Credit: eyJpdiI6ImdiUXdQQjAwQ1V1WkZWN2VITERvNlE9PSIsInZhbHVlIjoiODhPa1A5QkxFYWtoRXZuNUcrVTNiOFV1ekNCdlRXejd0bnlqT2hEOHhzVEVpUWRWWHJBNUhadXJ2OEdSbkprdCIsIm1hYyI6IjRmOGVlMWI4NzA4Y2I0ZGQ3NDk1ZTI3YmQwN2ViMmZlZTAzNjk3YmRmN2JlOTY3ZjM5YzEyZjEzMmQ1ODQ3MTEifQ==

Thomas Cox is set to complete his month-long mile challenge on Sunday, May 31.

So far, he has raised £171 for Torquay Rugby Club.

Gran Angie Wirght said: 'I would love to see him get the praise he deserves for choosing to help fund his rugby club.

'He is very dedicated to his club and is missing all the training nights, Sunday matches and seeing his friends.

'He does all his stretches before his run and is getting fitter every day, while achieving his goal. I am a very proud Nana.'

Thomas' mum and dad have set him up a gofundme page - - and Thomas says it is not too late to sponsor him.

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Thomas said: 'I have played at Torquay Rugby Club for many years. Due to the virus the club is struggling with funds so I would like to help raise some money to help them so my friends and myself can return to the club when the virus has disappeared, securing the future of the club.'

Thomas completes his daily mile running the same route round the Acorn Centre field in Torquay.