Then and now - 43 years separate pictures of couple

Colin and Lorraine on Torquay seafront in 1976

Colin and Lorraine on Torquay seafront in 1976 - Credit: Archant

Our first ‘Then and Now’ feature prompted reader Colin Stanley to get in touch to share his own photos taken 44 years apart.

The first is of Colin and his then girlfriend Lorraine Perry on Torquay seafront.

A year later the couple wed and have now been married for 43 years.

Colin said: “The first photo was taken on a weeks holiday from Redditch in Worcestershire during that wonderful hot summer of 1976 on Torquay seafront close to the footbridge by a local photographer taking photos of the tourists, or Grockles, as we were then.

“We have now lived in wonderful Torbay for 32 years, Brixham in particular and truly love our life here.

“We thought it would be nice to replicate the original, so when we saw your feature in the Torbay Weekly we thought it would be lovely to share them with you.”

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