Ridgewater’s virtual experience

The virtual experience with Ridgewater

The virtual experience with Ridgewater - Credit: Ridgewater

In this Covid world, the virtual experience has become crucial to any business, and Ridgewater Property Director Neil Tozer here explains how they can provide the perfect online service. 
“We purchased a fantastic piece of kit called ‘The Giraffe’, which is a camera that can perform a 360-degree tour of buildings.  
“It has been a brilliant investment for Ridgewater that not only provides a virtual tour for customers but also top-class professional photography.  
“As a standard, we include this within our service at Ridgewater. A lot of agents will charge extra for professional photographs of houses being sold, which does not make a lot of sense to us.  
“If you want to sell a house, a good agent should take the best possible pictures to help with that sale. We include the virtual tour in our package because that allows someone at home to simply click on individual rooms, and we’ve had people make offers on a property simply based on that tour. 
“It helps us to bring a property to life and another thing we can offer is a virtual viewing, so we will use a WhatsApp video call for one of our agents to walk around the property and show customers everything they want to see, without having to be there in person. 
“It’s not just a video tour, as it allows people to check out specific things that are of interest to them, such as the view from a certain bedroom or the sun position in the garden, while also being able to ask us questions. 
“There is obviously nothing quite like physically going into a house but what we’re finding with these virtual tours is that they allow people to rule out certain properties, rather than making a needless visit.  
“We also have some vendors who are looking to sell but they are shielding because of age or an underlying condition, so we enter the house once to build the virtual tour and then can show numerous people that property from just the one visit.”