Viewing tip: the price is right

The price is right when selling a home

The price is right when selling a home - Credit: Ridgewater

It is important to market your property at the right price from the very beginning.  
Online valuations can give a good guide but to get an accurate sale price, speak to your Ridgewater agent and we will provide a free valuation. 
While it is tempting to go with that agent who values your home £20,000 higher than the rest, overpricing can actually be a major stumbling block.  
A house marketed at the wrong price will not get the number of viewings you require for a successful sale.  
Timing is also important. It might be an option to rent out your home for a while to enable you to move into another property. This can be a great way of moving and keeping your asset.  
When restrictions allow, consider an open house day, which can create a sense of urgency for interested buyers and it is also a better option for staging your house for that one special occasion.