Thank Torbay green space groups with a show of support

Some of the Friends of Clennon Lakes, pictured in November 2019 with their Britain in Bloom awards.

Some of the Friends of Clennon Lakes, pictured in November 2019 with their Britain in Bloom awards. Photo: Groundwork South - Credit: Groundwork South

There are plenty of people we ought to be saying thank you to this year, but the list is long and the word count for this article pretty short...

So how to go about saying thank you to the many green space groups that care for Torbay’s parks, gardens, flowerbeds, woodlands and more?

You could go and visit your local green space - making sure to take your litter home and pick up after your dog - or share photos of it on social media, tagging the group that care for it. Or maybe you could nominate the site and/or group for an award.

Usually, at this time of year the winners of the Britain in Bloom awards are announced. A nationwide community gardening campaign run by the Royal Horticultural Society, for many years groups caring for Torbay green spaces have been included in the list of finalists.

Babbacombe Bay in Bloom won a gold award for the fourth year running in 2019 and this year would have seen Torquay in Bloom entered in the ‘Champion of Champions’ competition, having won their class last year.

Due to the impacts of Covid-19 restrictions, judging has understandably not taken place this year.

Instead, groups have received a ‘Certificate of Recognition’; maybe not quite as exciting as the cup that Clennon Lakes Friends group won last year - the London & Manchester Trophy for Outstanding Environmental Initiative - but well earned just the same.

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However, recognition of these groups is about more than just acknowledging the effort they put in.

Saying thank you is, of course, important and not to be undervalued, but if these groups are to continue, they also need support.

Torbay Council is looking at how to ensure that green space groups receive this support, whether it’s training, tools or other resources, and by working with Groundwork South and the wider Groundwork network, it is possible to tap into research and experience from green space initiatives that the organisation is involved in across the country.

To find out more about supporting your local green space group, contact Hannah Worthington on 07940510616 or email