Six kind-hearted school friends from Torquay have shaved their hair in a bid to raise money for their local NHS and a hospice.

Sparked by the pandemic, Tyler Urch, Harry Lee, Austin Holmes, Lucas Macifee-Jones, Dylan Glancy and Charlie Swiderski raised £250 for Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust and £500 for Rowcroft Hospice.

They presented the money to both organisations, which was raised from sponsorship.

Tyler’s mother Jo praised the Torquay Academy pupils and explained how both she and her son feel they owe a lot to Torbay Hospital because they both have a heart condition.

Jo said: “Having lived most of our lives in Torbay, a lot of our families over the years have turned to our local hospital for medical care, particularly myself and Tyler, as we both have a heart condition called Long QT syndrome.  So, we really appreciate even more the importance of our amazing NHS.”

The head-shave idea came about when the pandemic struck and Tyler told his mother he wanted to help.

Jo said: “When Covid-19 started, Ty said to me that he wanted to do something to help and, after a bit of thought, he announced that he wanted to shave his head and get some of his mates involved.

“I was obviously proud but doubtful he would do it, as normally he has quite long, floppy hair.

“Typical teenagers are very into their looks but, sure enough, he went for it, along with some of his awesome mates without hesitation.

“They were really happy to do something to help and they are proud knowing that every bit really does go towards saving lives.

“This is their way to say thank you once again for all the amazing work being done at the NHS and also a huge thank you to our wonderful Rowcroft Hospice - another place that touches all of our lives in some way. The hospice is so special and full of love and care at times when families need it most.”