William Arthur: Create systems – a tip to prevent burnout

William Arthur

William Arthur - Credit: Archant

Teen Talk with South Devon College student William Arthur

Create a daily routine or schedule

Create a daily routine or schedule - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Whether you're a writer, student, teacher or bakery salesman, it is important that we all understand the benefit of having systems in our lives to help us to function more adequately in the world around us.

A system is in essence a structure or guide - 'work hours are between 9am and 5pm then, if necessary, I will answer work emails from 5.30pm to 5.45pm or I plan to go to bed at 11pm to midnight every night'.

By setting boundaries we give ourselves control over our days and how we want to spend our time.

By implementing systems into our lives, we can work on improving the way we approach each day – a strategy allowing us to set boundaries for when we start and finish work, when we consistently go to bed, and interact with those we love.

I struggle with managing my time and life, delegating my energy over the things which I consider most important, not just socially acceptable.

In other words, I consider it to be vital to make conscious effort to take the daily action required to change our lives in a meaningful way.

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Modern culture, particularly in the field of academia and business, glorifies those of us who work flat out with the title of 'busy' making us feel good about ourselves.

Yet productivity has a sinister nature in that it tricks us into thinking that we are making the most out of our time.

Making the most use of our time means, at least for me, that I choose how to spend my time at each moment of the day, forming a list of my greatest priorities - exercise, family, relationships, college work - and trying to form a daily routine or schedule, allowing me to progress towards the person that I want to become.

One final recommendation from me, regarding the creation of routines/systems; keep your routines flexible – don't try to fill every ounce of your day with productivity, in the attempt to work off all of your problems.

Implement easy systems which provide a consistent basis to build ourselves into the person we want to become.