Teen Talk: Take this holiday for yourself!

Feet in Christmas socks. Cozy scene. Background with Christmas decor.

It's Christmas Eve - time to enjoy the festivities! - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

With the end of the year on the horizon, we will soon be submerged in ‘how much I achieved in 2020!’ articles and have New Year’s resolutions plaguing our Facebook timelines.

But this year, I have decided we are all exempt from these burdens. We are all excluded from Christmas-day-dinner-guilt and excluded from the disappointment of not renewing our gym memberships. 2020 owes us a freebie.

Blissfully unaware in January, our biggest concern was the Australian bushfires and dealing with the heartbreak of our favourite prince leaving the big Palace.

And then lockdown.

Trends of baking banana bread and hoarding buckets of toilet paper swept the nation, hand sanitiser was selling for hundreds on eBay, and matching a face mask to the colour of your shoes strutted the runways.

I went from dreading my 6.30am alarm and my daily 22 bus journeys to South Devon College, to reminiscing the experience in my first ever article for the Torbay Weekly from the comfort of month two of lockdown. 

Online classes during this period were also an exceptional time for teachers and technology. From the sociology teacher who did not know how to unmute a YouTube video without rebooting the entire computer system, to administering an entire lesson over Zoom. 

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It felt like we were re-living March three times over, enjoyed a few days of sunshine, and here we are. Christmas Eve.

This time of year has always brought about feelings of gratitude and kindness but with this entire year feeling like a time-warp, feelings of gratitude are a daily occurrence.

I am grateful that I have only experienced the mild inconvenience of remembering that my face mask is on the kitchen island while I am only five minutes away from the supermarket. 

I am grateful that none of my immediate friends or family are not hospitalised with Covid-19.

I am grateful for the vaccine.

Although this optimism may just be the holiday spirit, and there are endless things in 2020 to make anyone forget it is in fact Christmas, I encourage you to selfishly (within Covid boundaries of course) to take this day for yourself.

It has been a terrible, awful, cruel, no good year. So, it is time for good fortune and oh, are we not owed some.

Whether we reclaim it in one, two, three servings of trifle or opt out of the entire present ritual altogether (because furlough has not been kind), or even decide that a Chinese takeaway is a sufficient substitute to spending the entire day in the kitchen. Take this holiday for yourself!