If something doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger

I hope that rumours are true that Piers Morgan is to join Andrew Neil’s new news channel GB News.

I hope that rumours are true that Piers Morgan is to join Andrew Neil’s new news channel GB News. - Credit: Press Association

Well, I must confess, I am now officially anti-woke. I am clearly not alone because Good Morning Britain have lost more than 40 per cent of their audience since the Piers Morgan departure.

It is unlikely that too many will disagree, that sometimes he could be a little too full on with his tactics but really are we all so weak that we can’t stand up to criticism even if sometimes it is not quite on the money?

Piers should clearly allow a little more debate on occasion but I also feel his frustration when he just gets no answers or total garbage in response to his questions.

Now, it is being suggested that men should adhere to a 6pm curfew and that wolf-whistling and sexual violence are linked! Surely this is just plain bonkers.

A wolf-whistle, when I was still young enough to merit one, was a bit of light-hearted fun – not a predatory sexual advance. 

Added to this, misogyny is now likely to be classed as a ‘hate crime’. It is unpleasant, yes of course it is, but it is not rape or a serious sexual crime either.

I have dealt with misogyny all my working life, it made me stronger not weaker. I have been the only woman in a man’s world for the majority of my career due to my working in sport. In my day, all the governing bodies of sport were 100 per cent populated by men including every committee.

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I had numerous propositions and a vast number of obscene comments, and requests, made daily. Upsetting, yes, and there were more than a few tears – but I survived, and I strongly believe that if something doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger. 

The hard knocks certainly made me more aware and more successful. 

I wouldn’t change the journey that I have had in business, with the exception of a couple of attempted rapes, which I have mentioned in this column before.

However, I would have avoided a couple of ill-advised marriages - more of that another time! 

I am positive some adversity helps you deal with all the huge highs and lows we all face through life.

Given the chance, it appears that so many celebrities want to jump on the ‘Poor Me Wagon of Woke’.

I think that this is encapsulated in the Megan Markle and Gayle King latest bulletin from the woman who is always banging-on about her need for absolute privacy!

How on earth could they allow Gayle King to confirm that private conversations had taken place between Harry and his father and brother and that they were ‘not productive’. Surely this is exactly the kind of conversations that should remain private – if they value their privacy as much as they say they do?

I believe this is a solid gold example of the couple’s complete hypocrisy. How can anyone take them seriously? 

So, on this subject I agree 100 per cent with Piers Morgan and would love for Harry and Megan to have the bottle to confront their greatest foe. My money is on Piers.

I am so looking forward to the launch of Andrew Neil’s new news channel GB News. Andrew Neil has the ability to make Piers Morgan look like a shrinking violet and has been one of the toughest and best national newspaper editors, as well as being the most forensic and heavy-weight broadcasters on TV.

So, I can’t wait and I hope that the rumours are true that Piers may join the team. 

Politicians need to be held to account and, hopefully, Piers will be let off the leash to do so.

We pay them a lot of money to run the country on our behalf and yet most of them have no background in business and couldn’t run a welk stall.

So, it is vital that their incompetence, or brilliance, is exposed by incisive and fearless interviewers.

Go get 'em Andrew and Piers – if the truth is there, you will find it and we need to hear it!