Some happy endings from 2020 

Tortoiseshell cat named Charm

Charm was a delight to care for - Credit: Feline Network

As settle into 2021, we look back fondly on some of Feline Network's successful rehomings - cats who, having come into care for a variety or reasons and circumstances, left us to start their new lives.

This is the best part of the job!

Charm, a pretty young tortie, found herself homeless and had travelled a long way to be taken in by the Feline Network family.

She was a delight to care for and soon took the eye of Kim, her soon-to-be new owner. All potential owners are subject to a home check, which this young family passed with flying colours, and soon Charm was on her way – I believe she has since taken her place as the princess of the household.

Snowy has now left to start his new life

Snowy has now left to start his new life - Credit: Feline Network

Then there is Snowy, a pretty white boy who had to return to us due to changes in circumstances in his previous house.

He was in poor condition and undertook a course of treatment for his skin condition, which once healed, meant he could start his new life.

We at Feline Network offer a lifetime back up with all cats rehomed by us.

Nellie a tortoiseshell cat playing with a mouse toy

Nellie was bewildered to find herself in cat rescue - Credit: Feline Network

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Nellie is a slightly different story. She was an older girl who was bewildered to find herself in cat rescue and took a while to show her personality.

However after time, we found her a lovely new person to care for her.

We never refuse help for any cat, however old or young, and the golden oldies are just as, if not more, deserving than the cutie kittens that everyone wants.

If you like what you read and would be interesting in joining Feline Network by helping to foster cats coming into care, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.