Lockdown prompts software developer to share his passion for cooking

Jamie Bowdidge with his dad's recipe book

Jamie Bowdidge with his dad's recipe book - Credit: Charles Bowdidge

Watching endless social media posts about banana bread being made during lockdown has prompted software developer Jamie Bowdidge to launch his own YouTube cookery channel. 

Jamie said: “Over the last 12 months, loads of us have taken the decision to develop new skills or hone existing ones. I’ve always been passionate about food, and having watched banana bread be made to death, I wanted to share my culinary wisdom. 

“During the day I run my own software development company, Devinity. I’m passionate about software, but nobody wants to watch me writing code.

“After work there is nothing I like more than spending time in the kitchen, creating and developing recipes. 

“I made the decision to create my own YouTube channel - Cooking with Jamie - because I get so much enjoyment from the kitchen, I wanted to share that passion with others.” 

Jamie, who lives with husband Charles in Ogwell, said his earliest cooking memory is making chocolate cake with his family.  

“It was a family affair as mum, dad and my two sisters all got involved. We all have our own version of the chocolate cake today, and that will be an upcoming video!  

“My dad left the navy before I was born but during his time as a chief petty officer, he was a chef. He continued to work in professional kitchens as I was growing up, and I learnt a lot from him along the way.  

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“I still use his cookbook to this day. Every recipe in the book is a classic, and it’s fun trying to decipher the pencilled scrawls in the columns. His pancake recipe is second to none. 

“Over the last year I have taken noted from some of my favourite TV chefs, and I’ve binge watched every episode of Masterchef, and this has led me to really developing my cooking style to a point where I am ready to showcase it for others.  

“Friends have seen pictures of my food and told me that they could never achieve anything like it, but they can, everyone can, and that’s what I hope to convey through my YouTube channel. Fancy looking, delicious, food doesn’t have to be complicated. 

“Moving forward? Ultimately, I want to be a regular featured chef on Saturday Kitchen, but until then, I’m happy just to spread some gastronomical joy across the internet.” 

Watch Jamie in action at https://youtu.be/FlRivXWlOtM