We have so much to look forward to as we have missed out on so much

A crowded Babbacombe Downs for the Rotary Club's Babbacombe Fayre

Babbacombe Fayre - Credit: Submitted

What’s the saying? You don’t miss it till its gone. Never a true word spoken.

And truth be told, we have all missed so much in the last 12 months but I do believe change is on the horizon with spring not far behind.

I know it feels at the moment we are just coming out of the Ice Age after such a sharp drop in temperatures but 10c and over means I can get into my garden and start to watch life begin all over again as bulbs and plants start to pop though, shiver, shake their heads and say hello, always such an inspirational time of year.

I think we should hold onto that thought as vaccines are becoming more common and as we trundle, tentatively towards summer we should be - fingers crossed - getting back to some kind of normality and with that, Torbay can start to breathe again.

By this I mean, just like the plants, we can start to wake up, shake our heads and say hello to all around us as well.

We have so much to look forward to as we have missed out on so much.

For me, I miss catching the ferry to Brixham and Dartmouth with my wife on a summer’s day with the salt in my nostrils and the wind in my face.

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I miss going mackerel fishing with my very good friend Ashley Lane and the joviality of the day as well as keeping and cooking all we catch.

The Rotary's Babbacombe Fayre is one of our highlights and the Purple Angel dementia campaign has had a stall there the last few years, not selling anything I may add, just helping people understand dementia a little better and giving out information along with the odd badge, car sticker and key rings.

And on a summer's day what better than to be sat with friends on Torre Abbey watching the Rotary Go Cart Grand Prix with a glass of wine in hand?

This is just a very small part of what goes on in Torbay and that’s not to mention all the carnival weeks, children’s weeks on Paignton green and of course, the much-lamented and much-missed BMAD weeks and Cockington Fayre which I pray will be resurrected one day soon.

I have always said people don’t need an excuse to have a great time in Torbay because we live in the most beautiful part of the country and if we dare travel a little farther there is always Widdecombe Fair and the Goose Fair at Tavistock, which we always go to using local travel coach firms from Torbay.

Later in the year, no matter the weather, we all stand shoulder to shoulder at the Torquay Cenotaph on the seafront as we remember our fallen heroes, who without them, we would never have the freedom to do such things today, and this is something we must never forget.

I am a coarse fisherman but hand on heart, I will admit a good weather fisherman, because of my illness, but to be sat back on the bank with rod in hand and my fellow fishermen around me having the banter and swapping fishy stories really is something I am looking forward to doing again.

So you see, yes I have dementia, yes it’s a terminal disease and no, there is no cure, but with hope in our heart, something to look forward to and good friends around you, there isn’t anything we can’t beat, including this pandemic!