A smartphone app has been launched to help support cancer patients in Torbay ad South Devon.

The MySunrise app features all the information patients need.

It has been developed to support cancer patients and their families from diagnosis through their treatment pathway.

It has already been active in Cornwall and is now extended to also support thousands of people in Torbay.

During the pandemic, cancer patients nationwide were left feeling isolated and vulnerable.

John McGrane, consultant oncologist at Royal Cornwall Hospital, said: “We initially created the app to support patients with the right advice and support at the right time whilst undergoing their cancer treatment.

“With the challenges of coronavirus, we are now able to get up-to-date information directly to patients waiting and worrying at home about their treatment, at a very difficult time for them.”

The app has made a big difference to the way his team worked with cancer patients in Cornwall. The Peninsula Cancer Alliance has now supported the development of the MySunrise app across other NHS trusts in the South West, including Torbay and South Devon.

John added: “The app is now available to download and judging from the feedback in Cornwall, we hope it will continue to support thousands of cancer patients and their families across the South West.”

“Often due to information overload at the time of diagnosis, patients can often miss some of the information provided. The app is easy to use and extremely informative to support patients through every step of their pathway,” explained Julie Eason, lead project manager for My Sunrise App at cancer services in Torbay Hospital.

Dr George Brighton, a GP in Devon and director of Technical Health Ltd, said: “This is a fantastic example of a digital innovation in the Peninsula with cancer centres pulling together to help give patients more control and information about their treatments and where to turn when they need help. The ability to give patients current information is a huge benefit, especially in the face of COVID-19 pandemic.”