Small changes could make such a difference

Young woman wearing disposable medical mask shopping in supermarket during coronavirus pneumonia out

Why not donate food items to the local food bank in the basket at the back of the tills in your local shop? - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

What if? Those two words are so often used in a negative way, usually said with: “What if I had done this or that?"

But can you imagine what would happen if we turned it into a positive “What if?"

Here's a couple of examples... "What if we built two new hotels on Paignton seafront?" or "What if we knocked down the old Palace Hotel on Babbacombe road and built a new one?"

"What if we built new shops and flats in place of the old Debenhams and made the harbour look even better?" And "What if we restored the Pavilion to its former glory?"

Sound familiar?

The thought of all those happening will gladden the heart of anybody living in Torbay and so it should.

These are real differences that can be made to everyday people’s lives.

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So now, what about ourselves?

We have almost come through the worst time in 500 years - since the plague - so now, in my humble opinion should be the time we all start to say 'what if' in a positive way.

Just one change in our lifestyles could make such a difference, not only to you but others too, so what can we all do?

It really is simple, and cost effective. As for yourself 'what if' you walked to the shops just once instead of popping in the car once a week? Or took the stairs rather than the elevator once a week (When the shops are open that is)?

And when you do your shopping, just imagine you are homeless and hungry with only £1 in your pocket. What would you buy for food? A loaf of bread? Tin of beans? Mmm, beans on toast, who doesn’t like that?

Then why not do this and donate it to the local food bank in the basket at the back of the tills? Yes, less than a quid can make someone happy.

It’s so easy when you think about it.

Something else that’s free and cost effective is smiling at people. No, I don’t want everybody walking round grinning like the Cheshire cat, this is Torbay for goodness sake! But every now and again a smile or a hello to someone walking past or someone you have eye contact with can make such a difference to their day.

You never ever know what’s going on in their life and a smile could brighten their day.

What if we all started to work together a little better, listen to each other a little better and be a little more thoughtful to others? You know what I mean. Stop being as quick to judge and try and understand that there are many people out there who are so much worse off that we are.

All this costs nothing. Can you imagine if the gas board phoned the water board, the electric board and the internet services and said: “Hey! We have just dug a hole on Torbay seafront to fix a gas pipe. While it’s here and open, is there anything you want to do before we close it up?"

How helpful would that be? As long as they don’t contact the local undertakers then all will be fine!

So you see, it's not that hard to change our lifestyles and even the smallest changes can make such a huge difference to others and yourselves - and it doesn’t take that much.

We have had it so hard lately and I think we deserve to look forward to a better life for all. That time is now.