Showcasing local artwork to national exhibition

The Great Big Art Exhibition (#TheGreatBigArtExhibition2021) was announced at the end of January

The Great Big Art Exhibition (#TheGreatBigArtExhibition2021) was announced at the end of January - Credit: Submitted

Torquay's Artizan Collective is working to showcase the Devon contributions to the nationwide The Great Big Art Exhibition.

Established by arts organisation Firstsite and supported by the Tate Plus network with patronage from names including Antony Gormley and Anish Kapoor, #TheGreatBigArtExhibition2021 encourages the UK public to get creative, turning their front windows, balconies, and lawns into exhibition spaces, with fortnightly curated packs produced by leading UK museums and galleries. 

#TheGreatBigArtExhibition2021 has patronage from Antony Gormley

#TheGreatBigArtExhibition2021 has patronage from Antony Gormley - Credit: Submitted

Taking part is simple, anyone can visit and sign up for an exhibition pack full of inspiring content that is sure to get their creative juices flowing.

Whether it’s a drawing, sculpture made of recycled materials or perhaps a whole scene devised from things found around the home, the piece should find its way into a display that passers-by can see, or alternatively be uploaded to Instagram with the #TheGreatBigArtExhibition2021.

The first fortnight launched with an animal theme, and Artizan Collective have set out to spread the word among South West audiences, to try and bring together contributions and document them in an online Devon Collection.

On their website and social media channels they’ll be sharing contributions they discover and receive through submissions, as well as exploring the content of the fortnightly packs as they are released. 

Artizan Collective are asking that anyone from Devon also sends in photos of their creative contributions to them, either by email or by tagging them on Instagram, so they can be added to the Devon Collection which will record and map the home displays over the next three months as the event evolves until it’s conclusion at the end of April. 

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Alongside them, Artizan has also welcomed offers from other Torbay venues to get involved, and despite being closed, the Palace Theatre and Torre Abbey will hopefully soon be in a position to display some of the submissions in their windows over the coming months. 

For more information on the Devon Collection, visit the collectives blog at and if you’d like to submit your contribution to them you can email