Show your support for Paignton Zoo - without having to leave armchair

Bruce the short-beaked echidna

Bruce the short-beaked echidna - Credit: Archant

Paignton Zoo has developed a beautifully simple way for the Torbay community to support their work through these uncertain times.

Save Paignton Zoo

Save Paignton Zoo - Credit: Archant

The zookeepers work tirelessly to ensure the animals benefit from daily enrichment and their homes are kept well maintained.

It is an ongoing labour of love and dedication, but we can help to protect Paignton Zoo without even leaving our homes.

The zoo has developed an enrichment list on the website Amazon, making it easy for people to show their support through a unique donation.

So now residents across Torbay can join the community effort to support the zoo with a few clicks of a button.

Enrichment is a big part of daily behavioural husbandry, enhancing the wellbeing of the animals and encouraging them to demonstrate natural behaviour, while providing physical and mental stimulation.

When contributing to the Amazon wish list, simply login to the Amazon platform online, select the postal address that states 'Paignton Zoo Animal Enrichment' and your donation will go to the right place.

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There is a comprehensive list of items that can bring added value to the lives of the animals and you can enjoy the added bonus of then visiting Paignton Zoo to watch the residents playing and learning from the donation you made.

Bruce the short-beaked echidna is a superb example of a spiky young chap who has benefited from the wish list - as he now enjoys lunch from a specially-made enrichment feeder.

Not only can a visit to the Amazon wish list benefit the animals, Paignton Zoo is also encouraging those who donate to leave a personalised message with your name.

The main beneficiaries may not be able to decipher your message, but the notes of support are a huge boost to the zookeepers.