Torbay Tesco shoppers will be controlled by Covid 'traffic lights'

Tesco Metro in Torquay town centre

Tesco Metro in Torquay town centre - Credit: Google

Shoppers at Torquay town centre supermarket will be controlled by a set of Covid ‘traffic lights’ to limit the number of customers during the pandemic.

The red and green LED lights at the entrance to Tesco Metro in Fleet Street, Torquay, have been approved by planners.

The system will limit the number of customers inside to ensure there is enough space for social distancing, and avoid the need for staff to monitor the entrance.

The work needed planning permission and listed building consent at the former Post Office, which was built in 1912.

A heritage report said the lights would be fitted to an aluminium frame and would have no impact on the building or stonework.

Andy Horwood, Tesco’s architectural planning manager, said in a letter to Torbay Council: “The proposed traffic light LED system being proposed at this store is to control the amount of customers entering a store at one time. 

“Given the recent pandemic and restrictions on distancing with Covid-19, has meant we have had to limit the amount of customers in our stores at one time.

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“This system allows the doors to be constantly monitored using a red/green light system linked to a sensor to control this. 

“This then allows for colleagues who were monitoring this at the entrance to be in the store instead helping customers and replenishing stock.

“The unit will use minimal fixings as highlighted on the supporting documents, fixed to the door framework.

“The installation will only be for the duration required to support our stores to control the amount of customers through this period.”