Shoalstone Pool: ‘It’s here for the future’

Shoalstone Pool in Brixham

Shoalstone Pool in Brixham - Credit: Archant

The team behind Brixham’s popular Shoalstone Pool have issued assurances over its future

Volunteers running Brixham’s popular Shoalstone Pool have reassured swimmers that they fully intend to continue to run it.

There have been some concerns about the future of the 90-year-old Art Deco seawater pool which did not open this summer due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

But the team running the pool say although this year has has been ‘different’, they have been taking the opportunity to work on plans for the future.

A spokesman said: “We have been made aware of some worries about the future of Shoalstone Pool, so thought we would clear a few things up.

“We fully intend to continue to run the pool that has been used for generations and helps young people learn to swim and help the people of Brixham to generally feel good about themselves and where they live.”

Because of the restrictions imposed as part of the measures to combat COVID-19, cleaning the pool did not happen for several months.

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As the sea breaches the wall on high tides, the pool water ends up with seaweed, stones, grit and sand in it.

The first clean of the season was held in early August with a limited number of volunteers socially distanced and working within a COVID-19 risk assessment.

The team removed as much of the debris as possible but the pool was still looking dirty.

The ramp was jet-washed to allow people to get in and out of the pool safely.

Further pool cleans have taken place.

Future plans include some work on the deteriorating concrete deck.

The spokesman explained: “The closure has the given us the time to continue behind the scenes on our strategy development and to start to work our way through a long list of ongoing jobs.

“Please all be reassured we do have plans for this pool and it’s future preservation.”