Share your memories of Torquay’s iconic Palace Hotel

Demolished - what is left of the Palace Hotel in Torquay

Demolished - what is left of the Palace Hotel in Torquay - Credit: Archant

The demolition of Torquay's iconic Palace Hotel is well under way to make way for a five-star luxury spa and hotel development as part of the Fragrance Group's massive £140 million investment programme in Torbay.

Most of us in Torbay will have attended an event at the Palace and the Torbay Weekly would love to hear your stories from the past.

When I moved to the Bay as a 16-year-old, working as a commis waiter there was my first ever job.

After meeting the restaurant management team, the fabulous Mr T, Manuel (a Spanish waiter in Torquay just had to happen) and Alan, I was placed on stations one and two, assisting Tony, who had worked at the Palace for decades, and a Portuguese waiter called Ramone.

I was seriously hopeless as a waiter – the charismatic sommelier (wine waiters) duo of Andy ad Charles kindly described me as the fourth worst in Palace history... the other three must have been proper rubbish!

Silver service was the standard practise and dropping roast potatoes all over the lap of Oliver! Actor Ron Moody was not well received.

The extra-curricular activities of the teenage waiting staff in the late 1990s was not best suited to an early breakfast shift.

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After one particularly heavy night at Ritzys, it went horribly wrong for one unnamed colleague on a Sunday morning.

The breakfast buffet at the Palace was legendary set on a huge long table.

Unfortunately for one struggling team-mate, he decided a quick nap under the buffet table was a sensible tactic before the restaurant doors opened. Even more unfortunately, we forgot to wake him before guests started piling in – there was no escape. He spent the next two hours trapped behind the white curtain.

My favourite memory as a guest was my cousin's wedding on August 30, 1997. It is a date that sticks in the mind, as we naturally partied very hard as a family and then awoke to the shocking news of Princes Diana's tragic passing overnight.

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