Santa visits school before Christmas - and beats lockdown!

A picture of Santa Claus at a school

Santa beats lockdown for his visit - Credit: Submitted

Well before the lockdown.. .a conversation between Galmpton Primary School and Brixham Rotary President Adrian Laurie, who has a direct line to Santa, saw Father Christmas arrive early before the Christmas break.

Adrian said: “When the school asked me if there was any way our Rotary club could arrange for Santa to call with our newly refurbished grotto at the School on the Friday, I immediately rang him at the North Pole and reassured him that we could arrange for him to go to the school and complete the task socially distanced and complying with (then) Tier 2 regulations. He immediately agreed to come to the area a little earlier than planned and to the delight of all of Galmpton School’s pupils was able to deliver a sack of goodies to each form teacher who in turn handed them out to the children in their class.”