Paint that smile on!

Dorrie Jacobson, 86, is the oldest lingerie model in the world. 

Dorrie Jacobson, 86, is the oldest lingerie model in the world. - Credit: Sally Allen

You certainly won’t all agree with me, but personally, I am sick and tired of hearing about two extremely privileged people banging on about how hard done by they are and how they hate publicity.

In particular, when they arrange a two-hour interview with the queen of chat shows, who is known for winkling out very private thoughts and experiences from willing victims.

All of whom, of course, profess that they hate all the fuss and, shock horror, even worse – being featured in the medi

Please – give me a break. Quick fix – don’t give interviews and keep your mouths firmly shut. 

And for the record, if they were seriously suffering from depression, they would be in a darkened room under the duvet and unable to face the public or take part in a chat show.

There are so many different levels of depression and mental illness but for those not too deeply affected, therapy can start with trying to be the best you can be every day.

Thinking of others and not ourselves, because it is guaranteed that there are a vast number of people much worse off than you. 

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Obviously for those with deep clinical depression this won’t even touch the sides and professional help is critical.

Due to the pandemic, there are now many more out there who are new to the black dog days that are an everyday occurrence to so many already. It is a major problem.

My concern now is that with children back at school this week, infection may start to rise again.

I have everything double crossed that it won’t be the case, but we are going to be dependent on children wearing masks - good luck with that - and already overstretched parents testing their kids on a regular basis. A monumental task.

On a very basic level, I am sure, like me, you are craving hugs with your family and friends and a decent meal in a restaurant.

The next few weeks are critical in how we move forward and start to socialise again.

To lift my spirits this week, I read about the oldest lingerie model in the world. Eighty-six-year-old Dorrie Jacobson is a former Playboy Bunny and now a celebrated fashion influencer on Instagram and runs the Senior Style Bible.

Dorrie Jacobson, 86, is a former Playboy Bunny.

Dorrie Jacobson, 86, is a former Playboy Bunny. - Credit: Sally Allen

She is wonderful, and despite the thought of an 86 year old getting their kit off, making your toes curl – she is quite amazing.

I have long agreed with the mantra that age is all to do with attitude and not the number of years you have been alive, and Dorrie is the epitome of this in spades.

Model Dorrie Jacobson, 86. 

Model Dorrie Jacobson, 86. - Credit: Sally Allen

None of us want to be old, but there are positive ways to deal with it.

In my business I meet lots of women who have lost their confidence in the way they look and obviously this is reflected in the way they dress.

In turn, this emphasises their age and everything that has made them feel less than they are. It is a very negative cycle. 

The important thing is to dress for your figure and not your age. If you still have great legs – show them. Most bits you don’t like about yourself can be draped rather than hidden totally.

Feeling good about the way you look helps enormously in the self-worth and confidence department.

Frankly, once you get to a certain age – don’t fade away, stand out and celebrate the fact that we are still here!

Dorrie says: "Women today over 60, over 70 and older may be out there running a business. She’s online dating. She’s running marathons. So, we have to redefine what aging looks like.”

And I have to agree, and it might help you to paint on that smile every morning.

If we show the world a brave face, it might just make us feel a little more positive inside. Here’s to our first hug.