With charity events cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Race for Life host Gail-Marie Shapter set herself her own charity running challenge.

Gail-Marie Shapter marked her 50th birthday with a 5k a day for 50 daysGail-Marie Shapter marked her 50th birthday with a 5k a day for 50 days

Gail-Marie, who lives in Torquay, decided to mark her 50th birthday by setting herself a challenge to do 5k a day for 50 days to help raise funds.

She has been a volunteer for the Race For Life events for the last 10 years in the South West starting off as a runner, she then became a volunteer race marshal, then progressed to being the warm-up instructor and, finally, for the last two years has been the host for the events in Devon, Cornwall and Bath.

Gail-Marie doesn’t claim to be a runner by any shape or form but managed to improve her times by knocking a whole 21 minutes of her day one time to running consistently at 25 minutes for a 5k in the last two weeks of the challenge.

Gail-Marie finished her challenge the day before she turned 50 walking on Dartmoor with her partner who then doubled her celebration by proposing to her - and she has raised £1,300 so far.

All this while working full-time as a key worker.

She said: “People who suffer from cancer and go through cancer treatment find it so hard and go through more physical and mental trauma so any time I felt tired, I thought of them and it kept me going.”

If anyone wants to help her raise more you can by heading to https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/gail-maries-race-for-life-at-home